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power cord qiaopu meaning
2012-06-21 23:24:50

power cord qiaopu meaning

Each company has its own brand, the brand will be reflected in their own company's products, the brand is qiaopu our Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd., we produce the power cord and plug, are a Division I independent research products, wires, at intervals of 0.5 meters will be printed on the trademark qiaopu the same on the production of plug in the Division I have the same marking.
qiaopu trademark of origin is very simple, our general manager of the name, in the hope of our products can be extended to a great country. In fact, the 10 years of development of our company did do this, a lot of foreigners to specify the power cord of our company. I believe we qiaopu brand!
Finally, I hope that the Secretary of qiaopu power cord series stronger!

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