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What are the disadvantages heat power cord
2011-07-25 22:17:38

What are the disadvantages heat power cord

1, local prone to overheating
Power line wire the whole heat, heat the ground can not be overwritten. Once coverage is coverage area will continue to increase in temperature until it exceeds the safe temperature, damage the power cord wire, or even fire.
2, poor fire resistance wire power cord
Alternating hot and cold wire work in the state, the surface material commonly used in fire protection system material aging and the aging of its work long hours after the fire have a certain impact. Specific aging experiments have not yet done, there is no convincing data available. Fire wire cord limited capacity, the core material are generally flammable, and burning at the end. Wire in the event of short circuit or are prone to uneven heating of local serious accident.
3, high radiation
As the electromagnetic theory, whether it is single-core or dual-core power cable, work has a high radiation, although the technical means can be reduced to some extent, but still has some damage on the human body, and yet the specific degree of injury No organizations and institutions to study it. It is not suitable for pregnant women, families with children to use. For electronic products have a certain impact.

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