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What are the characteristics of rubber line?
2011-05-31 23:22:27

What are the characteristics of rubber line?

Also known as soft rubber cord rubber cord sets power cords or rubber, because of its high temperature resistance, widely used in various fields, Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Production of rubber line in accordance with the relevant requirements, strict production. Rubber thread to let everyone have a general understanding, the following are some characteristics of rubber line under:
1 General Model: H05N-F H05RR-F H07RN-F
2, the size: 2G0.75 2G1.0 2G1.5 3G0.75 3G1.0 3G1.5
3 implementation of the standard Reference standard: DIN VDE 0282
4 Scope: This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 300/500V and below power, household appliances, electric tools and a variety of mobile electrical equipment and tools cable.
5 cable properties
Allowed to work long-term temperature of the cable should not exceed 65 ℃.
Cable has some weathering and some oil capacity, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil occasions.
Cable has a flame retardant, so GB/T18380.1-2001 single vertical burning requirements.
Cable at 20 ℃, the insulation resistance between the insulated core of 50MΩ.km above.
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co of the rubber thread of good quality and reasonable price, is that you can consider the choice!

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