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Warehouse management of the power cord
2012-02-25 23:44:52

Warehouse management of the power cord

A power cord storage warehouse supplies must be according to the classification, varieties, specifications, models were established debit card.
2 items purchased by the procurement staff must be accompanied by a certificate and a single storage, ticket collector, leaving the checkout area number, check the packaging is intact, such as the discovery of shortage or damage should be immediately unpacked the inventory number, found the physical and storage of a single number, the specification does not match the power cord storekeeper shall delivery made ​​and notify the person in charge.
Three storage of materials, should fill out the debit card.
4 strict implementation of access to the power supply line of warehouse procedures, and supplies the library must fill out the storehouse after the approval of the director of the company's office before the library.
Five warehouse supplies are generally not loan, special circumstances shall be approved by the General Manager or Deputy General Manager, apply for the loan formalities.
6 strict management and billing information, all books, bills to fill in a clean, clear and accurate calculation shall not be altered.
7 coffers, non-smoking, no independent staff into the power cord inside the warehouse must be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, so that fire, theft, moisture.

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