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Type of power cord outer sheath What?
2011-08-08 22:20:57

Type of power cord outer sheath What?

Power cord compression outer insulation sheath play a role in the current process of connecting power to play an irreplaceable location. In the Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. technical Wang Junming provision and explain, understand the power cord outer sheath of some of the knowledge:
One. Buried power line when the outer sheath of the selection, shall meet the following requirements: a power cord to withstand greater mechanical stress or risk of injury, should have a strengthening layer or steel armor. 2 In Quicksand, backfilling of land with other possible displacement of the soil, the power lines should be steel wire armor. 3 termites serious harm in the government with the extruded cable should be used in higher hardness of the outer protection layer, but also in the outer sheath on the ordinary high hardness of thin extruded outer sheath, the material can be taken to special nylon or polyolefin copolymer, also may take the metal sleeve or steel armor. 4 high water table in the government, should be used in polyethylene outer sheath. 5 In addition to the above information, the choice of non-armored outer sheath.
II. A single core power cable communication system, when demand increases resistance to external forces when the cable should be used in non-magnetic metal armor, no use without effective order of non-magnetic steel armor. 2 in wet, corrosive environment containing chemical or susceptible to water immersion of the power cord, the metal layer, strengthening layer, the armor should be polyethylene outer sheath, the water thick steel wire armored cable should be extruded outer sheath. 3 in crowded public facilities, as well as low toxicity fire retardant requirements of the place, the choice of PVC or other halogen-free ethylene-propylene rubber outer sheath. Fire and low toxicity requirements, should not use PVC outer sheath. 4 In addition to low temperature below -15 ℃ environment or place of medicinal chemical immersion, and have low toxicity and flammability requirements of the cable should use extruded polyethylene outer sheath, the other can use PVC outer sheath. 5 used in water or chemical liquid immersion sites of major or 6 ~ 35kV XLPE 35kV power line above, should be in line with consumption requirements of the metal-plastic composite water-blocking layer, waterproof metal sets and other radial structure. Laid underwater in high-pressure cross-linked polyethylene cable should have longitudinal water-blocking structure.
III. Fixed laying in the air when the choice of the power cord sheath, shall meet the following requirements: 1 small cross-section extruded insulation cables directly laying on the stand in the arm when should a steel armor. 2 underground passenger transport, commercial facilities and other high security requirements and rodent serious place, plastic insulated cables should have a package with a metal or steel armor. 3 cables in the high drop of the force factor, multi-core cables should be armored with steel wire, AC single-core cable should be consistent with Article 3.5.1 of the standard provisions of paragraph 1. 4 laid in cable tray and other intensive support can be non-armored. 5 clearly needs coordinated with environmental protection, do not take yesterday PVC outer sheath. 6 60 ℃ above should be used in place of polyethylene and other high-temperature heat-resistant outer sheath of the power cord, the other should use PVC outer sheath.
IV. Since the capacitive layer of oil-filled cable to enhance the type of when the route is not set-in connector plug only when the height difference between the highest and lowest points, shall meet the following requirements: 1 only radial strengthening layer such as copper, to allow the height difference should be to 40m; but for a major loop when appropriate for 30m. 2 radial and longitudinal strengthening layer such as copper are allowed to be poor for the high-80m; but for a major loop when appropriate for 60m.

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