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The timing of the power cord
2011-07-30 22:33:15

The timing of the power cord

Power supply line is recommended for admission, transfer information and manufacturing all kinds of electrical, electronics, instrumentation equipment are not short of the bedrock, the national economy and people's daily life to establish the necessary foundation in the product. Some people liken: electricity is the blood of the national economy, while the power cord is transmission of blood vessels and nerves.
Optical power cord is the main branch of electronic components, its use in information transmission as the main feature, including fiber optic power line, communication power cord, electronic wire power cord and four categories of electronic products. In recent years, China's photovoltaic power cable industry is a rapidly changing rapidly carried out, estate planning has been largest in the world, the overall level of product has also been close to international advanced level. Photovoltaic power line industry, electronic components industry is planning to carry out the most rapid industrial, research to develop one of the most lively areas.
According to industry experts estimate, China's future five years, market planning special power cord 40 billion yuan per year to 500 billion yuan, accounting for overall planning of the domestic cable market, 20% -30%, while the time required for the Chinese market together high-level The power cord is simply all imported. Although the number of Chinese manufacturers Hongo up to thousands, but the excellent companies are few. Because of special power cord in the power, nuclear power, shipbuilding, port machinery, rolling stock, rail, tunnel engineering, mining and surveying, land and sea petroleum engineering, aerospace and other areas there is general use, and thus to carry out high-level special power cord to carry out a broad prospect. This country has a certain strength of the power supply cable companies to bring new market opportunities.

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