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The power cord plug to sell six taboo
2012-02-28 23:18:38

The power cord plug to sell six taboo

Sales of the power cord and other product sales, we must pay attention to the ways and means, whether it is customer attitude or order processing and interpretation, we must pay attention to certain reasonable to do the right thing, only on different occasions. that sales to bigger and bigger, bigger and cis, today, Joop Electric Sales will study and summarize the six taboo sales.
The basic rule of one of the sales taboo: Sales unplanned sales, developing marketing plans and sales according to plan. Sales Management includes both how to develop a realistic sales goals, including the implementation of this goal. : On the basis of the analysis of the current market situation and the corporate status quo, to develop a clear sales targets, cash collection target, and other qualitative and quantitative objectives; target budgeting and budget allocation program; implementation of specific executives, responsibilities and time .
However, many companies in the management of the marketing plan a series of questions: If there is no targeted annual, quarterly, monthly market development program; sales goal is not to determine on the basis of an accurate grasp of market opportunities, effective organization of the enterprise resource , but racking our brains beat out; marketing plan does not decompose in accordance with the region, customer, product, salesman, so the plan is not possible to implement; all branches of the marketing plan is the result of bargaining branch offices and corporate headquarters; corporate governance layer to the clerk just issued a target figure, not to guide sales to develop implementation plans; the content of the work of many companies marketing plan has never specifically quantify each salesman head to their own head, the clerk is not based on the decomposition on indicators and content of the development of specific marketing activities, and even some salesman do not know how to develop their own marketing programs. Since there is no clear market development plan as a result, the sales lost target, a variety of marketing strategies, programs, measures are not supporting the budget uncertainty, the staff does not carry out sales activities without the concepts of space and time, and no sales process monitoring and effectiveness of inspection measures. Thus, in a competitive market, the sales like an intrusion to the bison of the flames, Chong West hit last driven to the wall.
Sales taboo 2: Process Control "as long as the results, regardless of the process, not the clerk of the sales operations, supervision and control of this enterprise a common problem. Many businesses are very extensive operations management of the clerk announced the policy of a business: sales, then the clerk like a dove flying to the market, was clerk to bring a copies of orders to develop a piece market.
This caused a series of questions: salesman action has no plan, no assessment; can not control the actions of the clerk, so that the marketing plan to deliver the promised; the sales activities of the sales process opaque, increases the risk of the business; salesman inefficiency and high cost of sales; sales level of sales do not improve, clerk ineffective team building. "There is no work, that the harvest?", Not the sales process for effective management control, there would be a good performance results.
Sales taboo: clients manage a grain of wheat there are three fate: First, the ground surface is consumed, to realize their own value; bear a fruitful seed sowing, to create new value ; due to improper storage of wheat, spoilage or deterioration, loss of their own value. This means that, properly managed, the wheat will realize their own value or to create new value for humanity; mismanagement, they will lose their own value.
Similarly, corporate customers and well managed, the customer will have sales enthusiasm, will actively cooperate with the manufacturer's policy, an effort to sell products; mismanagement will lead to sales risk. However, many companies no room for effective management as a result, enterprises should not be able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the customer's sales, can not effectively control the risk of sales. At present, a common problem in the sales process, such as customers of the enterprise disloyal abnormal phenomenon, accounts receivable piles, etc., are business customers mismanagement results.
Sales taboo: information feedback from the business decisions of life. Salesman living in the market first, the best understanding of market trends, consumers need to show the characteristics of competitors change, the dealer's request, this information timely feedback to the enterprise of great significance to the decision-making, on the other hand, sales activities the problems, but also to quickly report to their superiors, so that management make timely countermeasures. However, many companies have not established a system of business reporting system, is not timely collection and feedback.
The clerk of the results of the work includes two aspects: First, sales, and market information. The development of enterprises, sales is not important, important market information. Sales yesterday, have been realized, has become the reality of things is immutable, its corporate significance; meaningful market information, because it determines the enterprise's sales tomorrow, tomorrow's market . However, many companies have neither submitted to the clerk the information collection requirements, nor to establish a business reporting system to enable timely collection and feedback.
Corporate sales work out the problem is not terrible. The terrible is that companies are not able to timely detection of problems that occur in all aspects of corporate marketing activities, and timely feedback on the management so that these problems are quickly solved and thus will not cause significant harm to the enterprise.
Why do some corporate customers to file long-term untrue? Why some companies receivables continue to occur in not corrected? Why do some companies Company as a result of similar incidents recurring and can not cure? Why some companies a serious problem in the marketing of long-term can not be found? Once found, it has been to the brink of bankruptcy, unable to turn The fundamental reason for cover for the monitoring and management of enterprise marketing management process in a variety of information, especially timely institutional management feedback. Sales taboo: performance evaluation of many companies do not conduct regular assessment of sales clerk. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the sales staff on a regular basis, including the sales results of the assessment sales, such as sales, back to the amount of profits and the number of customers; assessment salesman sales operations, such as a salesman, a daily average of Visits per visit time, daily sales visits, average income, the average cost per visit, average number of orders per visit, developed within a certain time the number of new customers, within a certain time to lose the old customers, salesman costs proportion in total sales; salesman for qualitative assessment, such as assessment clerk of the spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm, loyalty to the company responsibility. Assessment of the clerk, on the one hand is to determine the sales staff remuneration, rewards and punishments, and eliminate an important basis for the promotion, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the salesman; the other hand, the performance of the clerk of the review and analysis can help the sales progress. An important part of sales management is to develop the sales clerk, the clerk is not progress, it will not increase sales.
Six sales taboo: the system is imperfect, many enterprise systems supporting sales management system and sales management and various sales management system that matches the policy.
Sales of an enterprise can not think of a big problem is a prerequisite, there is no obvious defects and omissions in the enterprise sales management system, the matching of the sales management system system of checks and balances, and sales management policies with which match. Some companies in violation of corporate regulations, causing major losses to the enterprise sales staff, developed a system of severe penalties, but in fact, these penalties can not be implemented because there is no corresponding supporting systems, resulting in a number of eating rebate personal Choi made a while enterprises causing huge main receivables business, once the incident, leave for good, in fact, can not be punished.
Not supporting a lot of enterprise sales management system, seems to lack the "barrel" of a board will not retain water, its features are: should be encouraged not to be encouraged, should be punished not in the system to provide for lack of institutional incentive provisions; should encourage behavior, lack of appropriate system of penalties for prohibited acts; the award can not be fulfilled, the punishment can not be the actual implementation.
Joop Electric has sales staff with continuous training and learning, so as to enhance the professional quality and skills of the sales staff to achieve the output value of effective upgrade!

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