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The power cord of the sales and service
2012-05-18 09:15:53

The power cord of the sales and service

Service strategy integrated into the sales of the power cord
Visit the sales of the service reflected in the daily sales call
Carefully prepared the service visit, rather than "look at the way"
The power cord from customers to develop to find you the habit of
Establish a stable and cooperative relations with customers:
Visit to explore the potential of customer service through the power line sales
Three on the existing customer base to expand sales
Based on the existing power line customers to expand sales
To identify and confirm the new needs of existing customers. Customers of the existing services and power cord products have been very satisfied by the discovery of the new demands of customers, customers will be very willing to consider the use of other products and services you can provide. At the same time, he will be very willing to refer you to his friends, to expand your power line sales.

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