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The power cord of the capital issues
2011-03-24 22:01:18

The power cord of the capital issues

Recent consumption of the power cord manufacturers, more and more competition presents non-repeatable! This will coil capital moving from the brain, mainly copper wire and power cable Pvc plastic track business spending power of ordinary copper wire lines to consumers in accordance with certification standards, is qualified copper, pvc plastic is environmentally friendly flame retardant 75 ° material. For example, we Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd., 17 years of professional consumer, and its reputation has already deepen customer heart. Of course, some small businesses, counterfeit brands of large companies, so waste products, the size of a lack of copper wire, and some even are not pure copper. Plastic is a material containing calcium carbonate in the back, so that price competition from low-quality production in a large number of the power cord into the market, all manufacturers want to adjust the well-intentioned state, a good grasp of the power cord of the capital, healthy competition!

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