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The power cord of choice
2011-04-21 22:24:51

The power cord of choice

Some users of their electrical requirements, environmental conditions, lack of knowledge on the use of power Cord model, requirements, performance, poorly understood and often choose the wrong model. For example: a steel mill's blast furnace slag transport vehicle, its power is a motor, blast furnace temperatures up to 800 ℃ -900 ℃, under the conditions in such an environment, due to the power Cords are what the plant requires a particular no knowledge, so using common generic soft rubber filling YC-type power cord, the results using the short, sheath were burned, only affects the production, and waste. After consultation, the choice of fire retardant power cables, reducing the pain of replacing the power cord and economic losses, ensure that the enterprise's normal production. Some important sectors, high-rise building, computer center, chemical, public entertainment places and officers to concentrate on other occasions, have to use a fire retardant or fire-resistant features the power cord; coal mine deep in the Ministry of the power cord must be used in flame retardant sex; also, as the elevator power Cords, welding power cable, motor lead wire, which have specific performance requirements. These are special requirements of the special wire and cable in actual use, some enterprises, especially individual enterprises often lack awareness of them, improper selection, resulting in significant accidents.

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