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The life of the power cord
2013-05-04 21:34:57

The life of the power cord

The power cord is home appliance accessories industry, each electrically connected to the electrical power cord to power link. One can imagine how high the frequency of use of the power cord, we have more than 300 professional production power cord factory, of course, we Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD one of just a.
Buyers in countries around the world each year we buy a lot of the power cord, the power cord of life is how much? This is a very professional, because the power cord of a variety of materials, generally PVC, PVC rubber, PU, and so on.
PVC power cord, this material is familiar plastic power cord, the power cord is made ​​of PVC particles with 20% calcium carbonate high temperature fusion, are generally longer than 3 to 5 years.
Rubber thread is a notch better than plastic line materials, much better performance in temperature cold, the general rubber thread used in outdoor or cold areas, such as China's northeastern region, such as in tropical countries. Rubber thread of life is generally 5-7 years.
The PU power cord inside the life of the power cord, PU with high flexibility, often use the love spring line above, such as telephone lines, such as automotive cable can be used in a lot of bad regulation, harsh environment. The PU service life is 10 years.
Hope Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. to explain to you the life of the power cords, appliances after use common sense understanding.

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