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The Qiaopu electrical study the power cord plug ice
2012-03-15 20:35:16

The Qiaopu electrical study the power cord plug ice

Do not know, Do you still remember in 2008 south of the snow, that snow not only brought disappointment to many Chinese migrant home for the holiday, also said to have caused great damage to many of the works the power cord.
Years later, Qiaopu Electric received a lot of customers some technical problems, the most serious problem is the product of the power cord icing problems. Especially for electricity. Of the Southern Electricity facilities destroyed due to the snowstorm, who do not know the specific reason, and later found by the the Qiaopu electrical technology, research, power cord fever should not freeze, so why would the icing phenomenon? Technology Department said:
A power cord sheath layer of aging or damaged and other factors, causing water vapor to penetrate, so the ice after a power outage;
2 long-term operation of the power cord is the temperature, due to conductor resistance factors in the indoor and outdoor cable joints can easily infiltration of water or water vapor;
3, the power cord in the manufacturing process, because the water content of the outside world or cable supporting material big cause, or when the water in the production jacket and other factors.
Comprehensive analysis of these three reasons, so Qiaopu Electrical Technology Section of the recommendations in the manufacture of the product of the power cord to the appropriate join point talcum powder used for drying, this will help prevent the infiltration of water vapor, there is one point can be more good waterproofing, Qiaopu appliances also suggested that the outdoor power cord must buy anti-aging and good waterproof rubber thread products.

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