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The Qiaopu electrical power cord workshops to implement the new management system
2012-04-11 23:10:57

The Qiaopu electrical power cord workshops to implement the new management system

Yesterday, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. implemented a production plant for power cord management system after the update, the fine division of labor and adjustment by the General Assembly consultations and discussions on the different positions of the whole workshop, the system is on 20 August 2010 from the date of the formal implementation of specific regulations are as follows:
One, drawing: the establishment of the main block car-based work system. Class main gear the car is responsible for managing the work, in addition to take the lead in doing their own jobs, but also to make safe and civilized production, control the quality of the monofilament (transfer to a plate length, elongation, and whether the oxidation). But also good equipment level maintenance, and waste line to do a group of a clear duty weighing, to do Tonggan utilization record. Monofilament pull specification model is placed in the appropriate area to be arranged in neat rows, not misplaced. Before work to do a good job in the health of the machine, clean the equipment handed over to the next one.
Second, stranding: the main block cars responsible This class all the work, we must first grasp the work of the self-test, do a good bit of line core, the outer wire core can not have oxidation line and hard line, to ensure product quality. On the device to do a maintenance of the fuel at the timely refueling, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the shift to make it clear, the chieftain to do the label records, so that the next process inspection.
Three-way: to do their own work, efforts to front-line work to do on call to do a good job driving a maintenance, the prohibition of lifting material and equipment above the run.
Double-track: love their jobs, stranded Remove tray bottom line according to the classification of the various specifications and lines, and wire welding head to take over the prison. Empty plate should be placed neatly in order to facilitate the drawing machine. Pilot contract system, morning, night three shifts is responsible for the stranding disk bottom line and all good, and would be on duty one clear. The wage per clear a plate bottom line of one dollar.
Five penalties for:
1, three days and one year of continuous miners cumulative absenteeism seven days, dismissed to go home.
Two, leave to do a day in advance notice workshop, in principle, do have the things withered Ban, non-leave can not be in addition to excluding the day of production, but also upside down 50 yuan. To ensure the normal work of the pipeline operations.
3, the product has quality problems, to track down the cause of the accident. Identify the main person in charge of the main block cars to bear the charge of responsibility, a quality accident, the deductions from the amount of the main gear the car is 1.10 times the persons responsible.
4, the theft of copper actors, should be dismissed, the mutual supervision of the staff members.
Safe and civilized production:
The work must wear overalls, work shoes, is strictly prohibited to wear vests, slippers, each a fine of 50 yuan.
2, during the work must be to keep the shop order is strictly forbidden string Kong, off-site, each found a fine of 10 yuan.
Seven, Jing Gang System
Workshop to implement the the Jinggang system, employees can go to the workshop registration competition a post, the workshop will be arranged for staff to carry out the examination (theory and practical), those who pass the workshop will be employees require re-allocation of work and the corresponding positions of the salary!
The above system is modified Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. in accordance with the views of the staff members re-enact the above, their staff and consciously abide by and implement, with immediate implementation.

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