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The Qiaopu electrical power cord sales assessment
2012-02-06 23:07:17

The Qiaopu electrical power cord sales assessment

Article: The object of the assessment of this system is the the Qiaopu selling electrical products overseas power cord marketing managers and sales staff, hereinafter referred to as a sales clerk.
The purpose of Article II: evaluation of the system is to let the sales clerk to clear their own work tasks and direction, sales and management personnel to fully understand the status of the work of subordinates, while promoting the work efficiency of the marketing system, to ensure the successful completion of the sales task.
Article: The performance appraisal system will as a sales clerk the power cord payroll and promotion, demotion, transfer and dismissal of the basis.
Article: The system of performance appraisal stresses the principles of quantitative, open, timely, and relatively fair.
Article: quantitative principles: maximize the use of measurable quantitative indicators for assessment, to reduce a subjective evaluation;
Article 6: the principle of openness: the standard formulation of the power cord sales assessment is completed through negotiation and discussion;
Article 7: the principle of timeliness: the performance appraisal is a comprehensive evaluation of the assessment results of the work during the period, this assessment before the behavior should not be imposed on the assessment results, we can not take the recent results or the more prominent one or two a results instead of the entire assessment of the performance;
Article 8: Relative principle of fairness: the sale of the power cord salesman performance appraisal will seek to embody the principles of justice, but the actual work can not be absolutely fair, so reflected by the performance evaluation is relatively fair.
9: Sales clerk of the performance evaluation is divided into monthly sales management assessment and annual performance appraisal.
Article 10: Monthly sales management assessment of monthly degree, the sales clerk of the power cord of examination of the month, sales management performance. The examination time for the next month on the 1st to the 10th.
Article 11: The annual performance appraisal year to carry out the assessment sales clerk job performance the year January to December year. The assessment of the implementation time for next year January 10 to 20 days.

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