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The Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD warned customers how to identify true and false Qiaopu power cord
2012-03-21 22:52:26

The Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD warned customers how to identify true and false Qiaopu power cord

Today, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD Corporation received complaints and reports of the Center for Quality Supervision and foreign customers of the domestic market, found in the market there are many inferior "Qiaopu" trademark power cord, caused by these messages Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD Co., Ltd. Quality Department and the Board's strong concern, and immediately organized a survey.
Wire and cable is the livelihood of the products, the use of low-quality wire and cable can cause fire and electric shock accidents in particular, housing renovation, wires and cables are often buried in ceiling # wall # Underground heat and poor environment more "hidden!

How to identify poor-quality wire and cable? It is a brief introduction!
Judging from the packaging and logo
Regular manufacturers of wire and cable packaging the whole surface of clear printing, including the production plant name and specification models, such as "If the CCC and the certification number of the the Qiaopu 3C certification mark, the quality of wire and cable more assurance; package Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD product certification, the certificate includes production plant name and address, specifications, production date, the inspector mark "! generally do not have low-quality counterfeit wire and cable marking, even if there is also ambiguous. Those mentioned above are generally in the certificate will not be marked complete, and the error. If the flat sheathed cable model BVVB marked the line of single-core Model BV
From the exterior view
Look at the wire and cable insulation surface is smooth, uniform color, mechanical damage and bubble jacket and insulation layer is uniform, the thickness is too thin to see from the section, there should be no partial core phenomenon.
Simple detection and identification
A hand or a damp cloth graze wire marking is repeated several times, printing should not be blurred.
Hand weigh the weight of the wire, if the weight is too light, then the wire and not the length of the plate enough materials, the quality certainly can not be guaranteed!
3, with a micrometer measuring the diameter of the wire core, reference standards, or the diameter indicated on the certificate to see whether the match!
Hand the wire is not bent 90-180 degrees, insulated jacket skin cracks, the plastic skin aging, the product should be sentenced to as nonconforming product.
Tools tear strip wire and the skin, easily torn, indicates that the wire tensile strength is poor; with PVC material failure, and even the production of recycled waste plastics.
6, cut open the wire insulation, exposing a wire core, core color of the material a good line of light; inferior wire line core due to impurities becomes obsolete dull!

Several more detailed identification of the certification of of Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,LTD production method of the power cord to provide our customers can put an end to the purchase of fake and poor quality power cord products, and to protect their own property, life safety

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