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Survey on the consumer of the power cord
2012-05-07 22:09:08

Survey on the consumer of the power cord

Do you satisfied with the power cord for their own home which is currently used?
(1) satisfaction (runoff asked the question 7).
(2) are not satisfied.
2, (if not satisfied) Would you feel satisfied?
(1) power cord attachment is often failure, repair is not only cumbersome and spend money.
(2) power cord material is not good for a long time will turn yellow.
(3) necessary for its operation in the next care to spend time, effort does not save time.
(4) lack of copper wire of the power cord, operating costs are too high.
(5) power cord deformation.
3, if you are using the power cord, someday broken, Are you ready to buy a group of?
(1) ready to buy (after Q 7a)
(2) is not ready to buy (of runoff ask 7b)
(If ready to buy), we will consider what factors would you buy?
(1) buy Joop brand and the same brand.
(2) compare the price of licenses, select a price more reasonable, low-cost brand.
(3) Note the mechanical fastness, and whether there is a new format or pattern.
(4) focus on the beautiful shape, nice color, the new power cord.
(5) purchase of good quality power cord.
(6) brand power line performance and features, select a different characteristics of the power cord.
And (7).
5 (if not ready to buy) Why do you not buy?

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