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Standard qiaopu power cord is what constitutes
2014-10-30 14:06:31

Standard qiaopu power cord is what constitutes

Whether it is for family life or work environment, qiaopu power cord can be said of us in everyday life and work will encounter a daily necessities. For the kinds of common everyday items provides a lot of convenience for my production life, but also allows us to make better use of electricity. However, when it comes to the internal structure of qiaopu power lines, we do not necessarily know.
In fact, every one standard qiaopu power cord, mainly constituted by three parts. These three main components of the protective cover, respectively, the inner conductor and the outer protective sleeve. The three main components of a qualified power cord. And each part plays a different role.
First, the outer protective sleeve
It actually plays the role of protecting power lines, so the outer protective sleeve has a high heat resistance, low temperature, can interfere with natural light and against the life of very higher characteristics.
Second, the inner sheath
It is actually an insulating jacket for cable wrap is there between the shield wire core layer of material, usually made ​​from PVC and other materials of. We can say that it is a part of an integral part of the power lines. Without it, we can not guarantee the safety of the power line is energized. This is why the wires are not the reason for the leakage. In general, the inner protective sleeve are insulated jacket, because between the outer jacket and insert the conductor, so the material is also very soft.
Third, the conductor portion of the power cord qiaopu
Are generally made ​​of metal wires of copper or aluminum and other materials to act. But the most common is the use of copper acts as a conductor. And the quality of the relationship between the density of the size of the copper wire with power lines are very close, we can say, a good qiaopu power cord, the number of its copper Flexibility must be up to standard.

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