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Some subjects of the power cord overhead budget
2012-03-26 22:44:15

Some subjects of the power cord overhead budget

(A) of the budget accounts of the power cord Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. on economic matters needs to be done in the future classification of accounting and management projects. Layers of imputation and summary information on all aspects of the business activities involved in budget management of the power cord through the budget accounts, used to calculate the core indicators, and compared with the planned target, the implementation of control. Budget accounts in accordance with the extent of the accounting information collection can be divided into primary and secondary subjects, the profit centers and cost centers, and also according to an actual project need for additional budget accounts.
An subjects standard budget sheet in the third column of the project. Include: sales revenue, cost of wages and benefits, vehicle usage fees, funding for education, trade union funds, office expenses, utilities, communication costs, fixed assets, acquisition cost, operating expenses, travel expenses.
Two power cord subjects the standard budget sheet in the fourth column of each item, is aggregated to calculate the value of a subject, in accordance with specific sub-items of the profit centers and cost centers imputation. Two subjects by the relevant contract and the corresponding accounts imputation.
(B) the implementation of Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Budget subjects of the examination and approval authority to the The of Joop electrical operating and financial approval of authorized management implementation details and the authorization of the budget year as the criterion.
(C) the power cord to the two budget accounts objective assessment of the various profit centers and cost center management costs.
(D) calculation of the subjects
1, the sales revenue = conventional product sales revenue + engineering product sales revenue + in previous years, receivables income
2, cost of sales = cost of wages and benefits + vehicle use fee + Education Union fee, + other
Budget format sheet of various fees and subjects see Marketing Center

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