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Some models of different power cord
2011-12-06 19:41:22

Some models of different power cord

Our Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. produces a wide variety of power cord, power cord also has a variety of models, but for some customers, most of them understand the power cord is not a professional, so much power line model is difficult to get to know all, once the customer experience a power line model confusion, we will be in the form of words to explain to the customer:
rvv and rvvp which used thin copper wire is composed of multi-strand cord that rv lines.
kvv and kvvp which uses thick copper wire as a single unit composed of a hard line, that is, bv lines.
avvr and rvvp difference: the same thing, but less than 0.75 mm2 cross-section within the name of greater than or equal to 0.75 mm2 avvr the name rvvp.
syv and sywv difference: syv video cable with polyethylene insulation. sywv the RF transmission line, the physical foam insulation. For cable TV.
rvs with rvv 2 core difference: rvs rv wire twisted together for the dual-core, there is no outer sheath, for the broadcast connection.
rvv 2 straight up into the cable wire, an outer sheath for power, control signals, etc.
In fact, there is a power line model specifications to follow, power cord
Specification Table r-connected with a soft cable (wire), soft structure. v-PVC insulation. v-v-PVC insulated PVC jacket b-flat type (flat). s-twisted pair. a-tin or silver. high-temperature p-f-p2-copper braided shield steel tape armored shield p22-y-prefabricated, generally omitted, or polyolefin sheath fd-product category code, refers to the branch the power cord. Promulgated by the Ministry of Construction will be standard with fz said, in essence the same
Estimates explained above, I hope all of our customers and Hu total readers, to model for the power cord and a general understanding.

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