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Safety of household electricity, starting from the power cord
2014-03-18 00:39:54

Safety of household electricity, starting from the power cord

Now each family cannot do without electricity, television sets, refrigerators and other household appliances all cannot do without electricity. But because the electricity is improper and incidents are beyond count. These incidents, many are related with power cord. Because once the damage will cause fire, if not timely remedy would be serious consequences. Therefore, electric home security, it is necessary to know the power cord, and do a good job protection and warranty.
The general power cord function is for electrical power and normal use, the planning is not messy, is the three level programming, the inner core, the inner sheath and the outer sheath. The inner core, the first is used to electrically conductive copper wire, copper wire thickness will directly affect the electric power, of course material will also affect the electrical power, now even the conductivities are very good silver and gold as the core, but the price is expensive, mostly used in the national defense science and technology aspects, rarely used in the household electricity; inner sheath, the material is polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene plastic, with the usual use of plastic bags is a material, but the thickness is thicker, the primary role is insulated, because the plastic is an excellent insulator, in family life, sometimes the separation will contrast moist, this part can prevent the inner sheath the core of moist, in addition, plastics can be isolated from the air to prevent the inner core copper oxidation by oxygen in the air; the outer layer is the outer sheath, sheath role with the inner sheath is similar, but the outer sheath to function very well, because the outer sheath is in direct contact with the external environment, direct protection of power cord safety, need the the compressive strength, wear, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, natural light, resistant to fatigue damage, material life, environmental protection material, so choose the outer sheath It is necessary to choose according to the practice work environment.
Know to household power cord form, to learn how to prevent the risk of household electricity, need to pay attention to in the household electricity usual: try to household appliances on the ventilation monotonous local placement, prevent moisture damage cord; household appliances operation condition in time, it is necessary to cut off the power supply; not excessive use of household appliances to prevent the cord, work overload, overheating and burning the fire; not in the thunderstorm climate using electrical appliances, prevent because of lightning and power cord damage causing serious consequences; always punctual check cord and the outer sheath of the outer sheath, once damaged, replacement is necessary, otherwise it will have the leakage electric shock hazard. The outlet cord; pay attention to supporting the use, need no damage or short circuit, short circuit and the circuit to prevent because the socket burn. At the end, need tips, each family needs careful treatment of electricity this question, only need to take preventive measures, do the usual protection and repair work, family life can be protected.

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