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Requirements Qiaopu power cord equipment procurement
2012-02-24 22:26:30

Requirements Qiaopu power cord equipment procurement

power cord in Qiaopu each year to purchase 20 several power-line devices, on the one hand, to meet the company to expand the scale of the needs, on the one hand, the replacement of the company's power cord equipment urgently want to automatically power-line devices that we Qiaopu electrical Limited core equipment, a little sloppy, the specific requirements as follows
1 in conjunction with the Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. technical department drafting electrical equipment, materials, the tender documents (business section);
Collection of survey power cord electrical equipment, materials manufacturer's information, the establishment of the vendor file, screening of qualified suppliers;
Assist the Equipment Procurement Minister presided over the electrical equipment, materials, bid evaluation;
4 Assist in equipment purchases Minister to participate in business negotiations;
(5) the supervision of the power cord installation of electrical equipment;
6 put into operation, maintenance and management of electrical equipment;
7 complete the Joop superiors assigned other work.
8 The preparation of electrical equipment, materials ordering contract;

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