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Representatives of each color power cord and voltage usage meaning
2011-07-05 21:00:38

Representatives of each color power cord and voltage usage meaning

Speaking of the color of the power cord, computer enthusiasts know some: such as the Green Line as the start line, the black wire ground, the green line and black line shorted, the power supply device will begin operation attempt, which is to determine A simple way to power good or bad, there are yellow for 12V power supply, red for 5V power supply, etc., but other colors and more detailed lines of these works you know it? These will help you learn more about a better understanding of computers and identify and repair computer failure, do the following to learn more about, especially for the Purple Line, Green Line and the gray line and the power principle in-depth explanation.

Yellow: +12 V
Yellow lines in the power supply should be joined with a large number of the CPU and PCI-E video card power supply components, +12 V power supply in a pivotal role in.
+12 V has been hard, drive, floppy drive spindle motor and seek to provide electrical power, and provide work for the ISA slot, and serial devices such as voltage signal level logic circuit. +12 V voltage output is not normal, often resulting in hard drive, floppy drive read the disk performance is unstable. When the voltage is low, the performance of disk drives to pick a serious, logical bad sectors hard disk to increase, often bad sectors, system, easy to hang, not work properly. High, the drive speed, prone to out of control, prone to the phenomenon of deep-fried dish, hard disk performance of the stall, spinning. Currently, if +12 V power supply shortage will directly affect the performance of PCI-E graphics card, and affected the CPU, the direct cause crashes.
Blue: -12
-12V voltage for the serial port provides logic-level, needs little current, generally less than 1A, even if the voltage deviation is too large, it will not result in failure, because the logic level 0 level from-3V to-15V, has a wide range.
Red: +5 V
+5 V wires and yellow wires rather quantity, +5 V power is supplied to the CPU and the PCI, AGP, ISA and other integrated circuit operating voltage, the main work of computer power. Currently, CPU use the +12 V and +5 V power supply mix, demand for it has not as high. Only in the latest Intel ATX12V 2.2 version of the enhanced ability to strengthen the power supply of +5 V power supply dual-core CPU. The quality of its power is directly related to the computer's system stability.
Currently there are few commercially available power supply with white wire, white-5V is also provided for the logic circuit to determine the level of need current is small, generally will not affect the system to work, basically optional.
Orange: +3.3 V
This is a special set of ATX power supply, provides power for the memory interface to the new 24pin main power, the focus on strengthening the +3.3 V supply. The voltage is demanding, output stability, the ripple factor to be small, the output current to 20 amps or more. Some high-end motherboards are used to secure high-power field of control memory, power supply, but also because the memory is inserted into the tube instead of burned. With +2.5 V DDR memory, and +1.8 V DDR2 memory platforms are installed on the motherboard voltage conversion circuit.
Purple: +5 VSB (+5 V standby power)
ATX power cable to the motherboard through the purple +5 V 720MA power, and other lines of different colors, this line in the absence of state power will continue to provide current motherboard and other devices, as long as there is the power supply then the voltage output, which the so-called standby power, it is WOL (Wake-up On Lan) and power circuit, USB interface circuit to provide power if you do not use features such as Wake on LAN, set these off, remove the jumper to avoid These devices are powered from the +5 VSB current end points to take. This output power quality, direct impact on the computer is in standby power consumption, directly linked with our electricity
Purple line in the boot circuit in the role is so popular is simple: the purple +5 V power supply through a number of original and divided into two, leading the way on the chassis power switch (the default is not true), the other way leading to the chip on the motherboard Southbridge (Southbridge integrated power management system, but some motherboards are not South Bridge, but the IO chip), by default it outputs to the South Bridge (or IO) is high (on the motherboard to said, 2.5V or more is high even if, 0.8V following low), when the chassis power switch is pressed, a switch that was grounded off the line open, current is cited to go, and instantly South Bridge ( IO) side from the high into low, South Bridge in the low power management system will respond to open from the other side sends a signal (high), then through a series circuit to trigger the final the green wire, the power began to run, but the specific workflow, will be speaking in front of the green line and gray line introduced.
Green: P-ON (power switch side)
Level to control the power supply through the opening. When the port signal level greater than 1.8V, the main power is off; if the signal level is lower than 1.8V, the main power is on. Use a multimeter to test the foot of the output signal level, usually around 4V. Because of the pin output voltage signal level. Then there above the purple line here in terms of: When South Bridge (or IO) to send a high signal, is connected to a three-tube G-Class, while the Green Line to connect to the three-tube Class D, the three tube role here is similar to a switch, when it's G and D, very received are very high, it will D pole and S pole turn, or blocked, the green line to the pole has been a high D When the transistor receiving the other end of the G pole southbridge (or IO) given the high level signal, put the D pole and S pole turn, S grounded, that the Green Line and the gray line on-ground , the Green Line when it becomes low, so the power will start running. By the way, then tell us that we may all know the power to judge good or bad way: use the short green wire a black port and any port, if the power is no response, indicating that the power supply is damaged. Now a lot of added power protection circuit, shorted the power to determine without additional load, it will automatically shut down. So we need to carefully observe the moment of launch power.
Gray: P-OK (power supply signal line)
Gray Line's main function is the power under the 12V, 5V, 3.3V power supply state to make a comprehensive calculation, a value obtained by a gray line, said output voltage out, told board power status OK. Under normal circumstances, the gray line P-OK output if more than 2V, then the power can be used normally; if P-OK output at 1V below, this power will not guarantee the normal operation of the system, must be replaced. This is also the power to determine the eligibility of life and one of the principal means.
But here is the gray line to talk to another use, in the reset circuit in the role, power or reset button on the chassis of REST, the gray line output voltage is that there is a delay, this delay is probably hundreds of milliseconds, it is in the hundreds of milliseconds, on-reset circuit connected to the gray line, gray line when no output voltage, which is played the same ground as the black line of the function, reset circuit from the high into low, is to complete the reset action. So this action is completed, only gray line when its own leisurely output voltage. This is the principle of the boot. I limited eloquence, clarity of expression I do not know, some terminology may not be standard, we apologize.
Understanding the role of conductor types of DIY players required course, is the only way to cut rookie user, you can master the power cord type a clearer understanding of the power output specifications, to facilitate the purchasing power and troubleshooting.

Computer power cord color definition table and the corresponding resistance of the interface board
Red: +5 V power line on behalf of (motherboard, hard disk drives and other hardware on the chip operating voltage).
Yellow: +12 V power line on behalf of (hard drives, optical drives, fan and other hardware on the operating voltage and-12V power supply to both the serial port to provide EIA).
Orange: Represents the +3.3 V power line (directly to the DIMM, AGP slot power supply).
Gray: on behalf of PG signal line (power line state information, it is the other power line through a certain circuit calculation results obtained, when you press the start button the computer after the power good signal that can turn a failed motherboard shows no signal automatic monitoring) .
Blue: represents-12V power cord (power to the serial port to provide EIA).
White: represents the-5V power cable (floppy lock-in data separation circuit).
Purple: on behalf of +5 V StandBy power cord (power off after a small part of the circuit board to provide power to detect a variety of boot command).
Green: on behalf of PS-ON signal line (the motherboard power on / off signal line, a certain voltage is not switched on)
Black: System circuit ground
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