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Reasons for the heating of the power plug
2017-03-06 22:08:45

Reasons for the heating of the power plug

The power plug in the process of using fever is a common phenomenon, such as the most common mobile phone charger, when your mobile phone when charging, charging time to pull the plug, you will find the plug of the charger is very hot, so what is the reason for the plug in the process of using fever? People say the so-called prevent hair hot hot, in fact, insert the connection so that the production process in the power cord plug in the plug connection to work, to meet the strict, no stack, no twists and turns, no crack, no high surface low, as far as possible the perfect power plug to do. Different punching and punching, through a variety of different sizes, different shapes to operate the mold. To condemnation, what kind of mold with insert what, if inserted to rush to die for other types of correspondence, there will be loose and bare copper, so we must correspond to the production. As a kind of South Africa power plug, the terminal is relatively large, we need a thicker wire to fix, but if the customer requirements of the wire diameter is relatively small, how to deal with that? Can increase the copper stripping length, and then folded copper, in order to increase the crude copper wire, so that it can be firmly won't live terminal, loose, also the next production process. For example, the British assembly plug in the work, we must pay attention to the first part of the copper wire package, and then the steps of assembly. In the assembly process, should pay attention to the power line plug to plug in length, should also pay attention to tightening screws, then plug loose on the lower cover will move. All in all, find the cause of the plug heating, if not the reason for the current overload, that is the reason for the plug itself.

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