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Qiaopu teach you how to test the quality of the power cord
2014-03-20 20:55:47

Qiaopu teach you how to test the quality of the power cord

After careful investigation of the market that is now in life , we all know the power cord, which is , after such products allow people to have a life becomes very simple life among the more common products , but through this the survey said that , we all know what is the power cord, but if you ask how to be able to check out the quality of such products is not a problem , is it not normal and so on , and some consumers are very confused they do not know how to check , there are a lot of friends are asking these questions on the network , in this Qiaopu explain in detail for everyone .
First, in the purchase of the power cord when , for safety reasons , before we buy , must look at this home appliance brand products have no quality certification , this time you will ask why there are no qualified appliance look certificate it? We must have this question in doubt , in this QIAOPU tell you the reason to do so , because as long as the quality appliances clearance , then , for the power cord must be checked for quality , normal, not What problems.
Second, check the power cord is not qualified when , this time we can check the cross-section , if the qualified products , then qualified copper or aluminum surface of the product will have a lot of metallic luster , if you look the surface appears to be black , or if there is a case of white , then it is sufficient proof of the product because it is oxidized , and the Ministry of such products are qualified products.
Furthermore, check the power cord is not qualified , there is a focus on appearance is too look at the situation , this method is very simple , if you are qualified products , then , there will be a certain toughness , there will be a certain degree of elasticity , there will be some smooth, insulation such products must be good quality, but off if so, there will be crisp, no toughness , and so on . In a matter of Qiaopu often encountered in the production process , that is, we need to look at the length of the power cord , different appliances in the use of the product, but also for the required length of certain requirements of the decoration when, in order to be able to choose the appropriate power cord , then you can consult staff at the time of renovation .
How to test the quality of the power cord it? Knowledge for everyone introduced here, the power cord is very humble device , but when in use , many people do not care about these issues , if not mind , it would directly affect the people living in this area health and safety , the details will continue to introduce this knowledge .

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