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Qiaopu teach you how to damp the power cord
2012-01-26 21:01:47

Qiaopu teach you how to damp the power cord

Recently, the New Year time, continued rain in Ningbo, Shanghai arid not in the end. We began here during the rainy season. We had to make the power line as a producer, in order to Qiaopu's quality, customer satisfaction in order to power cord products, which have protective measures.
First, raw materials, moisture-proof power cord precautions.
Hook seeking raw materials from outside the power line was PVC material, check its quality is wet. Then enter the Qiaopu company warehouse, bottom, must be added Taking care of wood. This can effectively prevent the wet floor caused by the protective effect.
Second, the production process, to avoid a large number of power lines on the floor.
Some careless employees, in order to speed up the production schedule, save time and a lot of semi-finished products will be placed in direct contact with the floor above, we will please Qiaopu's quality staff, manage, control.
Third, send the power cord, do protection work.
Delivery, a head thing. General quality of the power cord in this part of the problem more, such as the box is broken, or is damaged. Water, and frayed. For various reasons. Too many. Hope everyone can understand. Small pieces, we will tell the courier company seriously, we must strictly protect the quality of our products. Compensation is small, the main is not a good product to customers, increase our image. Large, we have by the box-type truck, distribution. Because it can prevent rain from entering.
The above three points, we Qiaopu based company is considering to issue, if you have better suggestions, want customers to call my friends suggested that we consider to quality primary object, after all, is a power line can be large small things, safety first.

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