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Qiaopu's power cord fire Mechanism
2011-08-11 23:04:55

Qiaopu's power cord fire Mechanism

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. fire retardant mechanism of the power cord
(1) the results of the heat in the combustion response, the differentiation in the condensed phase flame retardant heat-absorbing, so that the condensed phase the temperature rise slows down, delaying the Qiaopu thermal power cord differentiation rate;
(2) flame retardant heat after differentiation, the release of free radical chain inhibitor response, the flame, the branch chain decorated response, slowing the response speed of gas;
(3) condensed phase thermal catalytic solid product differentiation, coking layer or foam layer of the composition of the strengthening of these layered crust prevent heat transfer results;
(4) results in heat, the flame appeared endothermic phase-change, the physical nature of the condensed phase to prevent the temperature rise.
Fire-resistant mechanism
(1) plug in power cord insulation and sheathing materials in an additive to reduce the onset of heat the polymer to prevent or promote the differentiation of polymer insulation and sheath materials carbonized layer formed to maintain;
(2) add the power cord wire core layer of mica glass tape and other inorganic insulating materials, insulation and jacket layer erosion by fire-burning after the wrapped package on the mica in the fire with a conductor, and continue to maintain power, then fire time when the confrontation will operate normally.

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