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Qiaopu's power cord and the bare conductor products
2011-07-13 23:05:02

Qiaopu's power cord and the bare conductor products

Qiaopu company is the production of power cords, to simply say that under the bare wires and bare conductor products
(A) the only conductor cable without any insulation product known as "naked and bare wire conductor products." In order to ensure the direction of current flow along the wires and electrical safety, the installation must be set with the cord voltage compatible external insulation, such as spacing, insulator support and so on. Therefore, the products themselves are not marked "Voltage."
The products of technical discipcords is highly conductive, high strength, high heat resistance, corrosion, abrasion and other properties of conductive metal materials research and development, as well as non-ferrous metal pressure processing (hot rolling, cold drawing, stranding etc.) technology and equipment, preparation of conductive alloy, high purity non-ferrous metal smelting, modification research and technology development.
(B) the use of different structure and is divided into four subgroups
1, the bare single-
Refers to a different material and size of the single non-ferrous metals can be divided into single-round (copper, aluminum and its alloys), flat wire (copper, aluminum and its alloys), metal plating (tin, silver, nickel) and single two-wire (aluminum-clad steel, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel), etc.
Most of the supply of such products as wire and cable products under a production as the material used.
2, bare wire
This is the product of the leading product categories, as is always mounted on poles, overhead wires as is customary. Overhead wire itself, regardless of voltage level, from low, medium, high and even ultrahigh-pressure principle can be used the same set of wires. But 330 - 500kv class, the size of the wire diameter and surface finish have special requirements in order to reduce the corona wire surface (ie, the air around the local electric field so that free, will increase the cord losses).
Overhead wire structure is simple, but its role is extremely important. In the power network, the cord length accounted for 90% of the total, especially 110kv - 500kv high voltage transmission and distribution cords is in the majority.
Bare wire from the structure and composition can be divided into three types. One is based on a single metal single twist from the system, such as aluminum wire, copper wire, aluminum stranded wire, etc.; the other is a strand of wire to increase the tensile strength of commitment, outside on a twist layer or layers of aluminum or aluminum alloy wire ACSR; third is made of double-metal single twisted the strands, such as aluminum package strand.
ACSR is the most widely used varieties, thanks to the steel core to withstand the pull on the hanging pole, pole spacing can be increased to reduce the investment (especially high voltage cords) and extend the life of the wire, and enhance security.
The laying of cords around any corrosive gas (such as sea salt spray, chemical plant area), should be used coated with anti-corrosion coating corrosion type ACSR.
Overhead, lead the development of new trends are: ① weight without increasing the wire under the premise of increased tensile strength and resistance to vibration, such as high-strength aluminum alloy wire, self-damping (vibration) wires; ② long-term temperature increase leads or conductivity to increase transmission capacity, such as the times the capacity of the wires; ③ in cold regions to prevent the wire surface anti-icing snow wires.
3, soft wire and braided cords
This is a special-purpose products, but many species use less; such as electric machinery, wire brushes, batteries in parallel cords, antennas, grounding and shielding networks covers. These products are used by small single copper twisted beam, re-twisted together; generally made of flat batteries in parallel cords (known as braided cord); shielding compiled in series, set outside of the required shield wires.
4, profile and section
Product cross-sectional shapes, not round as type cord; rather than the larger length of the use of the product known as profiles. Their use can be divided into three types:
① As high-current bus (also known as the bus) with copper, aluminum row material. Mostly flat, but also made of hollow rectangular and half-bow-shaped. For power plants, transmission substations with large capacity flow; and switch cabinet. In recent years, have developed insulating layer of insulation with a bus.
② such catenary wire with a wire for electric railway, city trams, motor vehicles inside the tunnel (such as subways, tunnels underground mining vehicle) and with the overhead wires. As the urban rail transport cords and large-scale development of electrified railways, the use of the catenary wire (commonly known as the tram cord, now referred to as the contact cord) of the amount doubled.

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