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Qiaopu's fine characteristics of the power cord
2011-09-09 22:16:01

Qiaopu's fine characteristics of the power cord

Fine the power cord is formed by several conductors twisted internal conductors, insulators, outer conductor casing consisting of wires, has excellent resistance to bending, space-saving nature of the signal transmission of high speed and resistance to electromagnetic interference, can be used in notebook computers and mobile phones and other electronic equipment, internal wiring, ultrasonic diagnostic devices used to detect transmission line (Probe Cable) and other products.
To achieve fine cord of small diameter, must decrease as a constituent part of the conductor diameter and wall thickness of insulators and bushings. On the other hand, the conductor resistance will increase after thinning, thus requiring the conductor material itself has high conductivity and can withstand repeated bending and distortion of the high strength characteristics.
Qiaopu company has been in the field of fine cord, small diameter of the conductor in the meet the requirements of the copper alloy development, casting, wire drawing, cabling and a series of work. At present, has been achieved using higher strength than pure copper 16μm copper tin alloy (NN alloy) wire practical, and the industry's first production of copper alloy using this as an internal conductor 46AWG wire size (diameter 0.048mm) power cord. AWG (American Wire Gauge) for the size of the numbers, said conductor unit, the higher the number the front, then the smaller the diameter of the conductor.
This time, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. Micro Coaxial ,In order to meet further needs of small diameter, using a newly developed type of conductor materials, copper and silver alloy (S-MF-AG alloy), and by improving the casting technique, drawing process technology, metal crystal structure control, processing and heat treatment technology, not only developed conductivity and strength than the previous NN alloy wire with a diameter of 13μm of the super-fine copper alloy wire, and also established that the copper alloy wire production technology.
Also use this as an internal conductor of copper alloy wire, insulation and by improving the thin-walled tube extrusion technology, established 48AWG size (diameter 0.039mm) Super thin cord manufacturing technology.
Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. plans to super-thin size of this 48AWG coaxial cable used in the medical field use of the ultrasound diagnostic device to detect the transmission line, sales to the medical field. Transmission line to detect the root as by a number of signal lines of fine power wire. With the increasing performance of ultrasound diagnostic devices, increasing the number of signal lines, cable diameter increases the tendency to appear, but the patient uses the insert, due to increased use and improve operational performance requirements, they are required to detect transmission lines of small diameter.

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