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Qiaopu power cord to prevent the "bad loan recovery."
2011-10-16 19:23:14

Qiaopu power cord to prevent the "bad loan recovery."

(1) open up new outlets, the Qiaopu power cord must be reported out payment terms.
(2) to identify the most appropriate outlets collection time, and then develop a "periodic payment" principle: the need to dealership habits, beginning of each month, as long as Qiaopu power cord to the company clerk, they are bound to settle the purchase price.
(3) Qiaopu power cord receivables, not put on "low posture."
Example: can not say: "Boss, I'm sorry! I collection. Do not know you today be convenient? Today, it is convenient if you are, please follow me to settle the purchase price.", Otherwise it will be given food outlets, to delay payment.
(4) collection, do not talk too much, it can use "pressure-type interview," after every sentence asked, staring at the boss, so he answered, ask the next one.
(5) collection, the expression should be serious, not smiling.
(6) Qiaopu power cord salesman must establish friendship with the dealership, the collection would be more successful.
(7) of the gifts to the dealership, bonuses, etc., must be disposed of before collection, or distribution store will refuse to pay.
(8) dealership on the quality of complaints dealt with properly before the collection, otherwise the dealer will refuse to pay.
(9) Qiaopu power cord salesman for the dealership receiving ring true, do not escape the other hand, should increase the number of visits.
(10) At first, try to avoid destroying a large crowd under discussion. If the arrears for too long, you can deliberately large crowd under the payment of a debt, but should avoid arguing with them (not to sound too much, but let the next person to hear).
(11) ring true for the collection of the dealership, take the following approach: several days to visit at night, with a "bubble" (example: watching TV, smoking, tea) until the loan closing date.
(12) to guide the new dealership salesman how to sell our products.
(13) old dealership salesman must be taught how to sell the company's new products.
(14) The clerk must purchase the new dealership every 14 to 20 days after re-visit, if it has not been sold, should guide the owner to re-sell our products, and enhance your boss recommended Qiaopu power cord to the owner the company's car audio. So, you avoid a month to receivables, due to poor sales, resulting collection will not ring true.

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