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Qiaopu power cord language classes
2011-10-11 22:30:28

Qiaopu power cord language classes

(A) Qiaopu power cord of the letter: to issue regulations or requirements and for temporary agencies and organizations, businesses, private or business relationships between companies and between various departments within the company to use the language.
(B) Notice: In charge of business announced to the public or the use of a specific object.
(C) Qiaopu power cord memo: affiliate companies, departments or between departments within the company contact between the business use.
(D) was signed: lower to higher levels have to consult or reporting.
(E) Telegraph: Business Telegraph drafting process shall be used.
(F) Table format documents: regulations of government agencies and company personnel table format so that other documents, as per need to use India as a fixed format.
(G) Qiaopu power cord other cords:
1. Judicial documents based on procedures to implement the provisions of the judiciary; litigation documents, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant government departments Litigation Committee to implement the program.
2 minutes and do not routinely send such wording in statement.

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