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Qiaopu power cord factory job satisfaction survey
2011-12-20 22:32:18

Qiaopu power cord factory job satisfaction survey

(1 firmly opposed; 2 do not agree; 3 neither agree nor disagree; 4 agree; 5 completely agree.)
1 Overall, I Qiaopu power cord factory job satisfaction 12345
2 of my colleagues in general good cooperation 12345
3 from the requested point of view, the remuneration paid is a good 12345
4 Qiaopu power cord factory leaders work well 12345
5 of my work has greatly improved opportunities 12345
6 I am not satisfied with the leaders of my work 12345
7 Overall, I have good relations with colleagues 12345
8 I am satisfied with my pay 12345
9 I have few opportunities to enhance the 12345
10 other companies with close to the same job than factory wages Qiaopu power cord is a good level of 12345
11 I did my work on challenging 12345
12 from my work level, the remuneration is not enough 12345
13 This Qiaopu power cord to enhance the performance of the factory with 12,345 employees
14 with the region compared to the same job, my pay is too low 12345
15 I feel my work has achieved 12345
16. Qiaopu power cord plant is competent and proficient in leading his job 12345
17 in another company if I do the same work, then the opportunity to make money more 12345
18 my colleagues to make my work more pleasant 12345

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