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Qiaopu power cord customers document management rules
2011-09-09 22:11:32

Qiaopu power cord customers document management rules

The first purpose
In order to institutionalize the management instruments to enhance Qiaopu power cord customers the quality and efficiency of word processing, tailor-made the final version of the rules.
Article 2 Scope
The rules referred to document management, refers to the Head Office departments, rooms, centers or companies (including the Division, the executive arm of the business) with the outside world and from the instruments (including cable) and affiliates (including the company's content) and from the instruments of inter-(including the sign was), self-closing (sent) to archive the whole process of text processing and control.
□ contractor sector
The total transceiver third sector
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. with the outside world and from various departments send and receive documents from the Head Office of General Services department contact for each company (factory) where the total for sending and receiving departments by their respective General. Sending and receiving department is responsible for the total instrument of acceptance and send.
Article Qiaopu power cord customer management
(A) Head Office departments, rooms, the center and the name of the company and outside company to come to the instrument to the company's General Manager's Office or the management office of management; business, procurement, public works, information, legal services, training and other business instruments, the business sector to the highest authority for the administration.
(B) of the company (factory) site with the outside world and from a regional instrument, its location of the room manager or the management office (or the General Services Department) for management.
(C) the relationship between business companies, inter-instrument in principle from the plant, division, department, room above the sector management.  (D) management shall designate personnel responsible for the draft from the nuclear instrument and sending and receiving, unpacking, registration, nothing, Ji Cui, proofreading, printing supervisor, records management and other matters; instruments according to the specified handlers, management department shall not accept .
Article sponsored and-run sector
(A) Qiaopu instrument power cord customers involved in business content hosted hosting department for the instrument department, other departments if involved when compared with other sectors of the instrument will run department.
(B) Qiaopu power cord outside a unified customer information submitted to various types of host, will provide office and department.

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