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Qiaopu perhaps a power cord-related products related to failed
2012-01-05 23:15:35

Qiaopu perhaps a power cord-related products related to failed

Qiaopu electrical reported Simen Trade and Industry Bureau recently released on the website 9 kinds of wall switches fail, the wall socket, plug wires products and interior, a power cord in four batches of product are manufactured Simen.
Problems in the power cord is the primary conductor resistance, insulation aging, the tensile strength before failing. According to the survey, the conductor resistance of the target does not pass, the first is to use the "shrink" the copper conductor and copper data, a direct result of adding just a little electricity load slightly higher temperature may be the case, the power cord is in the next task overload, can lead to thermal breakdown, damage to the insulating layer of plastic to stimulate the formation of short fever or fire, the conductor resistance is too large a direct Mifei a lot of power. Tensile strength before aging insulation fail, will directly affect the insulation tolerance, once the insulation has been destroyed, the wire will be exposed to direct risk to the staff, are also vulnerable to short-circuit power cord sparked a fire once. Product of the nominal production companies fail include Tianjin Sheng Honland power cord Limited, Shenzhen Albert North Fang Xinghui power cord Ltd., Shenyang Nanjing North Sea power cable Co., Ltd., Beijing Tai Pute power cord Limited. Wall switch, wall socket, plug the most important issue is the existence of goods marks, size, electric shock maintenance, mechanical strength, heat resistance, creepage spacing? Clearance interval and penetrating sealants, insulation materials resistant to abnormal heat? Flame resistance and tracking projects fail. The self-examination found that 6 socket failed batch, the product of the nominal production enterprises fail touch electrical equipment factory Longwan Galaxy, Venus Electric Co., Ltd., New Era Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd. is the country, anti-Xin Electric Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Germany Laoxi international (Asia Pacific) Electric Co., Ltd.
Benefits of peer companies do not want to cut-throat competition, Division I Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. will be strict with themselves, to do high-quality products!

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