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Qiaopu excellent electrical production environment
2011-07-05 20:54:12

Qiaopu excellent electrical production environment

Recently, our Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. has just introduced a number of cold air blowing to know that the general power cord plant, without any cooling measures, stable at 45 ° or more, employees do not work, the average power line of the company is to give American workers equipped with industrial fans and cooked water, in order to improve our Qiaopu electrical work environment, our leadership decided to purchase a number of cooling fan, the cooling fan installed in the workshop week, making stability control workshop at 35 ° below the other, our red beginning in June, to adjust working hours, work at 2.30, a little more work, so to avoid the high-temperature operation of a special time.
In addition, Qiaopu also extended an electrical wire riveting workshop, all the expanding gap between the wires, so easy to work together, orderly, and also played a cooling effect.
In short, Qiaopu appliances will make a reasonable case for the following improvement of human nature, after all, our employees are the cornerstone of our internal customers forever.

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