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Qiaopu electrical insulation resistance test American power cord
2011-06-29 21:12:32

Qiaopu electrical insulation resistance test American power cord

1, ordinary American power cord
Megger insulation voltage regulator for the DC 100-500V, 50FT-5000FT degree of American power cord 2 hours soaking in the sink, an electrode impedance meter connected to the sink of copper electrode, the other electrode connected to the DUT American power cord wire

. Measurement time of 60 seconds, 15.6 ℃, when the eligibility criteria for the 1000 feet of wire insulation resistance is greater than 2.5M.
To 10 ℃ -29.4 ℃ water temperature measurements converted into 15.6 ℃, 1,000 feet of the value of degree:
R * L * M * TCF
R: high impedance meter reading L: Measured degree of wire *
M: high resistance meter rate TCF: Temperature correction factor
TCF table can be found in UL1581 Table52.1
2, the user often looks "w" American power cord, such as SPT-2W, SJTW, CXTW and so on.
Short-term insulation resistance test method with the same general type of American power cord, but completely different eligibility criteria, "W"-type wire resistance is much higher. If CXTW22AWG, eligibility criteria for the 15.6 ℃ 225M/1000 feet.
(1) criteria
SPT-2W, SPT-1W, XTW and CXW, see UL62Table35.1
SJTW other sheathed cable, see UL62Table32.1
Listed in the table under the insulation resistance of 15.6 ℃ short immersion resistance, and the need for 50 ℃ temperature * time soaking the insulation resistance test.
(2) TCF determination
First, to determine the resistance factor C, and then find the corresponding from UL62Table33.1 M factor, apply the previous formula, you can find the impedance.
Note: For American power cord sheath, such as SVT, SJTW, listed in the table within the sheath insulation resistance of insulation resistance between conductors, so the measurement, the need to be removed after the outer sheath immersion test.
Impedance factor C decision: see section 34 of UL62.
Principle: In the two samples during heating and cooling, the temperature measured 5 fixed point of resistance, in the semi-logarithmic plot coordinates, calculate the resistance at 15.6 ℃, 16.1 ℃ read out the resistance, divided between the two can find the C value.

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