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Qiaopu advantage of the power cord plug
2011-11-16 22:58:40

Qiaopu advantage of the power cord plug

We Qiaopu why the production of the power cord such a big advantage? Why 10 years of ups and downs has been dedicated power cord plug in this production, R & D, sales? Many factors which can not be separated, short for several reasons
1 leading the strategic vision. Qiaopu development is inseparable from our Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. of the central role of leadership, each time a customer needs to develop new products, will support the leadership, so Qiaopu to meet the technical departments, which each customer quality or delivery of small problems and the like, will allow the leadership to deal with relevant personnel to solve, and how to avoid similar problems. Of course, if the company's orders for more, will seize the opportunity to expand the leadership opportunities to grow our company. Also regularly take part in some event, such as the Canton Fair, the Hong Kong exhibition, overseas development, etc. and the like California, USA. These led to the implementation of positive ideas and developed a lot of Division I of the role of 2 staff strength. We Qiaopu company's power cord can not be separated employees, the employees Qiaopu 3 to 6 months after the study period, and other skilled to produce the power cord, power cord to ensure the quality not the problem. Of course, our staff is a whole, between employees like friends, unity, friendship and help each other. If the company is busy, the staff will take the initiative to work overtime, if the production process, the power cord plug any quality problems, they will put forward a positive, short, front of house staff, like the Qiaopu
3 Qiaopu reputation. We Qiaopu trademarks or Qiaopu brand, which is a benchmark for the power line industry for many years, the overall image to our many customers left a good impression. We ran a lot of customers are QIAOPU brands, our company will make full use of our values​​, our company makes in the development of a virtuous cycle continues
Qiaopu advantage of the power cord plug is not one or two days, the accumulation step by step out!

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