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Qiaopu TV power cord
2011-07-01 22:42:42

Qiaopu TV power cord

Qiaopu company to use the TV power cord is the main aspect of security. TV power cord on the market often ignored by a security problem. Reflect many of the TV power cord through the problem.
One problem: the power cord diameter is too small, even smaller than the national compulsory standard rules, the use of these products if the time will occur insulation aging, lead to open circuit, leakage and other risks.
Second problem: the production of electrical power lines Qiaopu full use of copper, diameter qualified. TV power cord is too long. TV's power cord can not be too long, the power cord is too long will arouse the power cord was overturned external tie him down and resulted in television, gave rise to electrical injury to happen. Also the power cord is too long, not easy to take care of, but also aesthetic issues. Manufacturers recommend the use of a reasonable length of power cord. Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. produced the TV power cord through the local security department, the 100% qualified. Because the plant itself has serious product testing process.

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