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Qiaopu Power cord tensile testing machine operating specifications
2011-04-17 22:51:20

Qiaopu Power cord tensile testing machine operating specifications

First, the pilot project: semi-finished lifting.
Second, the test Objective: To examine riveting wire terminal, the terminal and wire load force compliance with UL standards.
Third, the scope: the Power cord has been riveting semi-good terminals.
Fourth, the use of instruments: Qiaopu Power cord wire static tensile testing machine.
Fifth, test: terminals and wire riveting, the terminal in the bear 20LB/1min. Static tension, the terminal does not slide, copper wire does not pull off more than three (with three).
Sixth, test steps:
1 Turn the power switch, press the up button, down button, a timer, testing whether the normal operation of the machine.
2, all the normal machine to be tested after the semi-finished products to take the test sample, the terminal separately fixed to the fixture (see Figure). You can only test a single terminal.
3, according to key up or down key to adjust the platform height, weight placed on the platform 20LB hook code will be tested in the semi-tied on the hook line of code on straightening (knotting). Set the timer for 60 seconds, press the REST button on the timer to zero.
4, by down key until the hook code from the platform, then press the execute button, start time, such as to give up halfway, press STOP button to stop.
5, time is completed, the platform automatically rise, automatically stop when shrapnel hit limit up.
6 yards down the hook for another 6.2 jobs terminal repeat until the test all over.
7, the test is complete, turn off the power, finishing equipment.
VII. Note:
1, the control box of the components do not tamper with, because of electronic components and circuit boards is very sensitive to static electricity.
2, the machine when not in use, turning off the power switch.
3, place the environment, no humidity, air circulation is good.
4, by hand operation or supervision to ensure safety.
5, in the maintenance, do not water, alcohol or acetone to clean, so will damage the appearance of the test machine, the electronic components will be damaged.
6, coating machine parts often with a clean cloth clean.
7, add a little oil lubricating moving parts.
8, panel buttons, will not stick dust and water.
9, the case of problems, Please click here to contact Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd.

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