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Qiaopu Detailed plastic power cord for your basic process manufacturing
2011-06-15 22:28:51

Qiaopu Detailed plastic power cord for your basic process manufacturing

1. Copper, aluminum, single strands System
Power cord commonly used in copper, aluminum timber, at room temperature, the use of wire through one or a few machines the die hole stretch to make it cross-section decreased, length increased, the intensity increased. Power line wire drawing is the company's first process, drawing is the main process parameters with mode technology.
2. To improve the flexibility of wire and cable in order to facilitate the laying of safety, conductive core to multiple single-wire twisted together. Stranded wire core from the conductive form, the rules can be divided into twisted strands and irregular. Irregular Stranded Stranded is divided into concentric stranded complex, a special stranded and so on.
To reduce the area occupied by the wire, reducing the power line geometry, the use of compacted stranded conductors, while the form of variation for the semi-circle of ordinary round, fan-shaped, tile-shaped, and pressed the round. Such conductors are used in the power cord.
3. Conductor twisted monofilament annealing
Copper, aluminum filament heated to a certain temperature in order to re-crystallization under way to improve the toughness of a single wire, reducing the strength of a single wire to meet the power cable to the conductive wire core requirements. The key is to prevent copper wire annealing sequence of oxidation.
4. Insulation extrusion
Plastic power cable type used mainly extruded solid insulation, plastic insulated out the main technical requirements:
4.1. Smoothness: out of the surface of the insulation required to be smooth, with no surface roughness, burning, poor quality of impurities
4.2. Density: Extrusion cross section of insulation to dense and firm, not allowed to have visible pinhole to eliminate the presence of air bubbles.
4.3. Eccentricity: the thickness of the insulation out of the deviation is now an important indicator of the level of the extrusion process, most of the product structure, size and standard deviation values ​​are clearly defined.
5. Armoring
The laying of underground power lines, work may bear a certain positive pressure with the option of the structure within the steel armor. Power cable laid in both positive pressure there Tension occasions (such as water in a large gap between the vertical shaft or soil), should be used with the structure of the steel armor type.
6. The
To protect the insulated core of the wart is not armored injury, the need for appropriate protection insulating layer, the sheath points: squeeze bag protection layer (isolation units) and the sheath around the bag (cushion). Wrapped with a cable with a cushion instead of processes simultaneously.
7. Cabling
For multi-core power cable in order to ensure shape, smaller power shape, generally need to be twisted a circle. Stranded conductor stranding mechanism similar to the larger diameter section of the stranding, they use a method without back twist. Technical requirements for cabling: one is shaped insulated core to prevent turning over power lines caused by twisting bends; second is to prevent insulation from being scratched.
Most of the power cord into the cable at the same time as with the other two processes: one is filled, to ensure that after the cable into the cable round and stability; one is binding, and to ensure that the cable core is not loose.
8. Outer sheath
Outer sheath to protect the power cord insulation to prevent corrosion of the structural elements of environmental factors. Outer sheath of the main role is to enhance the mechanical strength of the power cord, anti-chemical corrosion, moisture, water immersion, to prevent burning capabilities. According to the different requirements of the cable directly extruded by extrusion machine plastic sheath.

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