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Qiaop to teach you to identify the simple way for power cord
2011-03-07 22:20:10

Qiaop to teach you to identify the simple way for power cord

1, label printing look like, illegible address unknown. Refers to the insulating jacket on the label and see the printed words, if there spelling or typographical shades, fuzzy words to attract attention.
2, insulation rubbing his hands twist, fade, out of the word poor quality. Insulation is rubbing the skin with your fingers, and some low-grade insulated wire skin easy to fade, especially the red line will face this problem, by rubbing the skin after the finger left on line online skin color or printed word is erased generally poor quality lines.
3, and then nail planning, pinch lines, designated under the peel line in general. Is designated by nail, insulated pinch the skin, can be drawn, the pinch off a piece of the generally poor quality lines.
4, repeated bending insulated wire, three to four times to break. Refers to the repeated bending of the insulated wire, cable insulation layer generally poor quality poor material, bending 3 to 4 times the insulation layer will fracture.
5, lit the fire lines with insulation, leaving the clear line of fire ignition. Insulating layer is ignited and left after the fire to spontaneous combustion is poor line.
6, aluminum and copper wire core used, the color dark shiny light. Is the core line to see the color, poor color of dark lines and no metallic luster.
7, small amount of inner and outer diameters, the weight watching in the Pison. Is 6 if the above method can not identify, but also can measure the diameter of insulated wire and cable core diameter, allowing the error is ± 10%
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