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QiaoPu UK power cord required
2011-11-03 21:23:46

QiaoPu UK power cord required

Qiaopu has been claimed that a variety of power cord, said the following under the British power cord requirements.
British-style power cord length, color and packaging requirements
1.1 Cable Length: 2 core each roll 200m +0.1%, 3 芯 each volume 100m +0.1%, each volume Dianxian allow a connector, but the length should be increased by 2m;
1.2 power cord provides the color should be consistent with the color swatch to save card requirements.
1.3 Packaging requirements as shown in photo.
Eligibility, the length measured with a meter stick; color and packaging visual inspection.
1.4 British-style plug appearance quality
Wire surface should be smooth, color, symmetry, no blistering, swelling, cracks and other defects.
Eligibility, check with the visual method.
2. Ningboqiaopu British electrical power cord inspection rules
Eligibility criteria 2.1
If a failed inspection, the double sampling re-examination of the failed items, re-examination is still unsatisfactory, the batch of wire failure.
Randomly selected in each batch of wires 5-10 root samples for testing.

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