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QIAOPU power line material material.
2012-12-06 22:21:18

QIAOPU power line material material.

1) the foam some QIAOPU. power cord demand of foam insulation layer to enhance its electrical function, foaming primary chemical foam was shaved bubble, the chemical does not demand extraordinary production equipment, so the price is cheap, What, then divergent bubbles big and small electrical function. Demand for expensive production equipment was shaved bubble bubbles Whereas its uniform precision bent form, attenuation, good electrical function. The core wire of the power cord can be cut, such as the promise QIAOPU., the ability to back it foam layer bubbles uniform precision.
2) woven with copper mesh braid QIAOPU power cord, braid accounted for much of the raw material cost of the power cord QIAOPU. a local cover up the rate of braid directly affect QIAOPU, the electrical function of the power cord, also, closely woven the layer add QIAOPU the strength of the power line, cutting QIAOPU the decline of the electrical function of the power cord bent form. See braid ability to cover up the rate, braided uniform precision, the difference between good and bad power cord NINGBO. The main trick.
3) beam wire multi-strand copper wire production will beam wire, copper core to improve the tensile roundness electrical function and tight level with the insulating layer, What, then beam wire will be added to the amount of the use of copper, so many workshops omitted this pace, differentiate the way, the core wire of the power cord to cut NINGBO., take a look in with copper wire inside whether rules stranded.
4) accessories order to assure QIAOPU., the rounding of the power cord, the online core on multi-core QIAOPU power cord participate in the filler, and compared to thick sheath thickness, Take succeeded QIAOPU. power cord very round, clarifies little filler plus, but the jacket so thin.
5) enough rice in the number of meters into the limbs move increasingly difficult to be aware, because clients ordinary practice DD meters of equipment, the use of the same measure weight, QIAOPU the power cord can know whether enough meters . Perhaps the workshop production of time-division meters standard is also printed on a good way, but be careful, less than 5mm in diameter line is not method India meter the subject.
6) foot square QIAOPU power cord copper is a precious metal, the loss on the copper diameter that can cut a lot of raw material costs, as promised, then it needs DD copper wire diameter with a micrometer. If you do not have a micrometer, then a more simple approach is said to take the entire volume Qiaopu wires, see if you can light many of the power cord than quality QIAOPU.. May refer to the workshop given nominal component. Some workshop given low nominal component, naturally is less than her inability to guarantee the quality of the product.
7) QIAOPU. for the use of high-quality power cord plastics native plastic bending function, bending does not occur on QIAOPU. power cord texture, poor reception to take over the plastic in the bend after several showed distinct texture bent repeatedly presented fracture
8) the copper quality QIAOPU. power cord to use high purity oxygen-free copper, copper core color light, poor appearance of the copper wire is more gray.

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