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QIAOPU power cord pre - sale service
2013-01-15 23:16:46

QIAOPU power cord pre - sale service

Pre-sale services:
Provide technical advice: QIAOPU power cord will be in 10 hours or less, depending on your needs to provide you with any professional technical and price consulting, and mailed samples and product information, or for your concern in a timely manner any problem to give a quick reply, such as: processing technology to distinguish different materials, processing time, and so on.
Provide inspection Front: QIAOPU power cord welcome you to visit our company site visits anywhere, and provide you with any convenience.
Sale of services:
, Regardless of your foreign customers and domestic customers, whether you are old customers QIAOPU power cord, or new friends QIAOPU power cord, regardless of the contract by the amount is large or small, QIAOPU power cord will be honest, fair, enthusiasm, the same treat critically;
Two, QIAOPU power cord to ensure punctuality, quality, warranty and quantity strictly enforce the terms of the contract, and to provide customers with value-for-money services.
After service:
QIAOPU power cord established the global after-sales service information processing system, 24-hour tracking customers.
First, since the purchase of the real arrival date, lifelong enjoyment of the design.
Second, from the date of purchase, you can always to the company free to participate in a variety of technical training courses.
Logistics: SFExpress Nadu, John Lone Express daily Express, and the national highway and railway transport. Destination: the nation's major cities or transit, major ports.

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