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Practice for the power Cord extension testing device
2011-06-02 22:05:46

Practice for the power Cord extension testing device

Power Cord extension test for the determination of the power cord insulation in the heat and elongation under load and permanent deformation, to determine the thermal extension of performance.
1, power Cord extensions in the Preparation of test specimens
1.1 from each sample were tested by cutting the two insulation-like sheath-like segment or segments, according to the provisions of Chapter 9 GB/T2951.1 test specimens were prepared and tested after cross-sectional area measurements
1.2 Preparation of samples taken for each power cord length required 100mm. The sample with a color pen mark on the Cord for two parallel
1.3 The thickness of the specimen shall be not less than 0.8mm, less than 2.0mm. If you can not prepare 0.8mm specimens are allowed a minimum thickness of 0.6mm
2 Test procedure
2.1 In the detection device installed on the hook specimen samples should be on top of each hanging down, with the next chuck grip, and the next folder with appropriate weight to the head (the force generated by the product standards should be related material requirements). Detection device and then into the preheated oven (oven temperature according to product standard requirements related materials)
2.2 after 15min in the oven, open oven door, measure the distance between the sample and calculate the mark elongation. Measurement should be measured in 30s to open the door finish
2.3 and then pull from the lifting of the sample (the sample cut at the next chuck), and to sample the required temperature recovery 5min, and then remove the sample from the oven and slowly cooled to room temperature, re-measure the marker between the Distance
3, the power Cord evaluation of test results
3.1 at specified temperature after 15min load and elongation of the intermediate value should not exceed the relevant provisions of the standard value of cable products
3.2 Remove the sample from the oven after cooling to increase the distance between tag Cords in the middle of the value of the amount of sample into the oven before the percentage of the distance should be less than the provisions of the relevant cable standard
4 Notes
4.1 power cord specimen sample weights should be consistent with the technical requirements
4.2 The detection device in dry and ventilated environment

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