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Power cord wire drawing process
2011-04-14 22:45:45

Power cord wire drawing process

The first step in the process wheel insulation to suppress a hole through the road of diminishing diamond dies, the larger the diameter of hard copper wire power cord (typically 12 or 13AWG), pull down to the last 22 to 24AWG copper wire power cord. From each mold with a pulley to pull the power cord copper wire, copper wire was stretched because of the power cord, so the smaller diameter section, which followed a corresponding pulley to accelerate the speed of rotation. Because the cable at the same time, a large amount of heat, so the cable equipment must be constantly cooled, lubricated, to extend die life and reduce sliding, so that a smooth copper surface. Completed by the copper wire from a winch out of the mold and then annealed.
Category 6 power cord of the manufacturing process, including through a configuration panel and the mold to multiple twisted pair splitter and a pull-out star.
Copper wire of the power cord will gradually harden in the process pull, pull out the wires will become brittle, easy to break, so annealing process is very important, direct impact on transmission performance of the wire, in particular, can reduce the insertion loss. Annealing equipment will be rapidly heated to high temperature bare wire, the wire is placed inside a container full of steam, prompting the appropriate softening, in order to obtain the desired scalability. Annealed wire is more practical to improve the transmission performance, in particular reducing the insertion loss.

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