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Power cord widget application involving many fields
2014-03-14 22:39:00

Power cord widget application involving many fields

The Power cord you must be familiar with the name. Plug style we see in life is similar, but it is used in a variety of electrical equipment. Incandescent lamp is basic to complex one TV set, refrigerator and so on all need to plug. Mobile phone, computer and other commonly used equipment will also use the plug. If classified according to plug applications, it can be divided into many types.
The first point, household Power cord. When it comes to household appliances, kitchen appliances have only. The pressure cooker, electric cooker, microwave oven, electric cooker and so on are all need to plug and socket connection before use. Look at the household cleaning products, air purifier, air cleaner, washing machine, must use the plug. If there is no plug can not connected with a power supply, not to mention the room clean. TV, DVD players, projectors and other entertainment equipment also need to plug. Therefore, the plug is widely applied.
Second, office area. In the office use electrical appliances more. Now any industry office will use the socket and the Power cord. The most basic office equipment is the computer, printer and copier. These three are all plugged in to use. Then some professional office equipment is the conference room projector, video equipment. In addition, in order to guarantee the employees can have a comfortable working environment, air conditioning is the necessary office equipment. All products containing these electrical plug.
Third, industrial workshop. Production workshop electric system is very professional. Large-scale production workshop has a lot of electrical equipment. Electric welding machine, cutting machine, grinder, lathe and so on all to professional needs and supply connection after use. Power system normal relationship to the production workshop is working. And connecting devices and power system requires the Power cord. Plug any equipment malfunction can cause production pause.
Fourth, the medical field. It is easier to understand. Each hospital, not only all guarantee a complete medical equipment, but also guarantee the 24 hour never blackout. The hospital inspection equipment and power connections need to use. These devices not only have the Power cord, the plug must also very good performance to ensure that the equipment used for a longer time.
Of course, these are not all of the application. Hotel, hotel, KTV and other places of entertainment, shopping malls and so on will all use power, also have a large number of plug. In fact, can be said that the Power cord have long been used in all fields, the use of any field cannot do without plug. As long as the use of electricity, will use the plug.
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