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Power cord which the industry life cycle analysis and national standard plug
2011-06-24 20:29:55

Power cord which the industry life cycle analysis and national standard plug

Power cord, plug the introduction period: new products and market, sales slow. Since the introduction of the high cost of the product, the initial profit is usually low or negative, but this time no or only a few competitors
Power cord, plug the product development phase: from idea to product development success during product manufacturing. The product sales during this period is zero, investment is increasing.
Power cord, plug growth: products over a period of time has been very well-known, rapid growth in sales, profits increased significantly. However, due to market and profit growth faster, easier to attract more competitors.
Power cord, plug maturity: At this point the market growth trend to slow or saturated, the product has been accepted by the majority of potential buyers, the profit decline gradually after the peak. At this time of intense market competition, the status of the company to maintain the products required to put a lot of marketing costs.
Power cord, plug recession: a significant product sales during this recession, profits fall drastically. Survival of the fittest, market players are less and less.

Qiaopu company as a power cord, plug manufacturers, a clear understanding of this issue, we must correctly handle the cycle of the strengths and weaknesses before taking the road of sustainable development companies!
GB plug and its match with the national standard power cord GB CCC certified power cord won GB CCC certification and ROHS, PAHS, REACH and other environmental certification, the certification number is: 2004010105138418, 2004010104138416, 2005010201160072, and so the corresponding models of a variety of plug wires.
GB plug (plug China) including national standard 2-pin plug, the national standard 3-pin plug, CCC certified GB plug. National standard power cord (GB CCC certified power cord), including IEC52 (RVV), IEC53 (RVV)., YW, YZW
General specifications of wire size 2x05, 2x0.75, 2x1.0, 2x1.5, 3x0.75, 3x1.0, 3x1.5, 3x2, 5
Production needs, whether copper or PVC plastic, its quality certified by the company's rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that export to overseas customers, and can be safely used in foreign markets unimpeded!
We are the company's brand is "qiaopu", years of professional production and supply, to obtain the trust of our customers! Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. hope we harmonious cooperation, create brilliant!

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