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Power cord, which plugs the industry life cycle?
2011-05-14 21:14:28

Power cord, which plugs the industry life cycle?

Power cord, plug the product life cycle (product life cycle) concept, referred to as PLC, is the power cord of sales history compares the life cycle of a human being, like, going through birth, growth, maturation, aging, and death phase. For products, that is to undergo a development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline stage.
Power cord plug of product development: from vision to develop products during manufacturing success. Sales of the product is zero during this period, the company increased investment.
Power cord, plug the introduction of: new products and market, sales slow. Since the introduction of the high cost of the product, initially usually low or negative profits, but this time there is no or only very few competitors.
Power cord, plug growing: product has a considerable reputation over time, rapid growth in sales and profits increased significantly. However, due to market and rapid profit growth, easy to attract more competitors.
Power cord, plug maturity: At this point the market trend of slow growth or saturation, the product has been accepted by the majority of potential buyers, the profit decline gradually after the peak. At this time the fierce market competition, the status of the company products in order to maintain required to put a lot of marketing costs.
Power cord, plug recession: It has declined markedly during the product sales and profits fall drastically. Survival of the fittest, market players are less and less.
Ningboqiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. as the power cord, plug the manufacturers, a clear understanding of the problem, we must correctly handle the cycle of the advantages and disadvantages, before taking the road of sustainable development companies!

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