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Power cord torsion test
2011-06-03 21:36:32

Power cord torsion test

1. The power cord torsion test method
Power cord samples from billet aluminum checks on the sample qualified. Power cord specimen gauge length is 300mm. The required test: The specimen caught in the required test machine, the tension taut sample specimen tensile force of about 2%, the required rate should not exceed 30 cycles per minute along the specimen axis to one direction 10 turn, and then turn 10 turns the opposite direction. Results: The sample after the eyesight check the reverse should be consistent with the requirements of Article 4.3.
2. The power cord packing and marking
2.1 Power Line models, specifications and standard number that
For example: L6-type electrical hardware round aluminum billet, 9.0mm in diameter is expressed as L6-9.0 GB3954-83
2.2 The power line delivery methods:
Aluminum billet shall be delivered in bundles and tied good, allowing the packaging according to the provisions of both parties
2.3 Each certificate shall be accompanied by the power line, label and mark;
a. Name of manufacturer;
b. type and specifications;
c. Weight kg;
d. factory lot number and date year month day;
e. The standard number GB3954-83.

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