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Power cord related to home safety knowledge
2011-04-15 19:53:14

Power cord related to home safety knowledge

Ningbo QiaoPu electric Co., LTD is the production of electrical power cord, power plugs, power sockets, extension cords, rubber line of professional manufacturers. Wire and related products for special attention to security, we bought a small appliance power line companies, they sell electric fans, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners are equipped with our Ningboqiaopu Electric Co. power cord and power production Plug these appliances are potential safety problems, the following common sense for safety under the appliance:

Family safe power of knowledge
(1), each family must have some need of electrical appliances, such as testing electric pen, screwdriver, plastic clamp, but also the use of household appliances must have the right to have the right to use with various types of fuses and fuse specifications.
(2), each household must be installed before the meter total household insurance and the meter should be fitted after the knife and the total leakage maintenance switch.
(3), any condition prohibited area with copper wire replacement fuse. Fuse big and small are bound to match with the capacity of electricity. Change the fuse to disconnect the porcelain cover change, not directly on the ceramic lap fuse box, not in live situations (not styled Knife) change the fuse.
(4), blown fuses or GFCI initiatives, the need to identify talent and then close the reason for switching power supply. Under no circumstances shall the insurance with a wire to short the trip may suppress the leakage switch body force transmission.
(5), the purchase of household appliances should carefully check the product insert for the craft parameters (such as frequency, voltage, etc.) can fit the local power requirements. Power consumption should be clear how many, whether the family has to content with the power supply requirements, special is the wiring capacity, plugs, sockets, fuse with, the meter can be content requirements.
(6), when less than content with her inability to household appliances distribution equipment capacity requirements, the change should be innovative, will use is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, overload may damage electrical equipment, but also aroused the electrical fire.
(7), the purchase of household appliances insulation should also be investigating its features: a common insulation, reinforced insulation still double insulation. If it is maintained by the ground for the leakage, the ground will not a little. Even the reinforced insulation or double insulation of electrical equipment, for maintenance or maintenance of ground zero have received benefits.
(8), with the idea of ​​class electric household appliances (such as electric fans, etc.), should also investigate the degree heat, work can continue long run. Cooling appliances to pay attention to the premise.
(9), the device should be checked before household product insert for the device's request, special attention in to the premise, not to appliances installed in hot and humid, dusty or flammable, explosive, corrosive gases, the situation in.
(10), in laying indoor wiring, phase zero line should be marked clearly, and adhere to the same wiring and appliances shall not be connected with each other wrong.
(11), household appliances and power interface, must be breaking with the switch or plug connectors, to stop the wires directly to pierce the socket holes.
(12), who require access to maintain ground zero or the security appliance should use three-pin plugs and three sockets, plugs and eyes not use both feet outlet substitution, the formation of ground (or receive zero) line of neutral.
(13), home wiring center is not the best connection. Must have strong contacts and connectors should be surrounded with insulating tape, perhaps with a ceramic terminal block. Only alternative to standard electrical tape with medical tape wrapped joints.
(14), wires and switches, switch, fuse box, light should be strong and solid top of the convergence, the contact is superior. More glue joints should be flexible rope stranded copper wire and then screw into the connector pads, the thin strands spread out to avoid hitting another connector on the formation of a short circuit.
(15), home wiring may not be directly laid on top of flammable building materials, wood on the cabling required for use in ceramic or porcelain beads clip; across the board must use ceramic casing. Not use flammable plastic and other flammable materials as decorative materials.
(16), ground or take the zero line of course does not live normally, but will break right after the case of electrical leakage live shell; case of short circuit, grounding line has also been a large current. For peace, ground (then zero) line size should be not less than the phase conductors, shall not be installed in the switch or fuse on, and shall not have joints.
(17), ground wire not connected to the water pipe (water pipe joints due to the current plugging are used in insulation tape, there is no ground results); not connected to the gas pipe (to prevent gas explosion sparked EDM); not allowed to In German law to the wind line line (weak against strong electric channeling); are not connected to the lightning deflectors on the line (in case when lightning hit back.)
(18), all of the switch, switch, fuse box are necessary for a cover. Bakelite cover aging, damaged insufficiency must change. Dirty wet wipe clean after those abilities necessary for the use of power.
(19), power lines do not drop to the ground on the power cord to prevent tripping and avoid damage to the insulation.
(20), household appliances, the control instruction sheet before the trial, will all the switches, buttons are placed in the original down position, then press the instruction sheet required to open and shutdown one by one operation. If there are moving parts such as fans shook his head, thought to be enough space in advance.
(21), household appliances, power found sparkle, smoke or a burning smell or other abnormal conditions should be immediately shut down and cut off power to reflect.
(22), household appliances, they will naturally move to cut power supply to prevent electric shock.
(23), fever around the essential electrical appliances away from flammable materials. Electric stove, heating stoves, electric irons and other electrical appliances fever may not be directly put on the board, so as not to arouse the fire.
(24), charged with wet hands to stop the switch; stop with wet hands to pull out, plug the power cord; pull out, plug power plug, not your fingers touch the metal contact local; not change with wet hands grams less electrical components or lights bile.
(25), often holding on the use of appliances (such as hair dryer, electric iron, etc.), should not use the cord around the hands.
(26), on contact with the body's household appliances, such as electric blankets, electric oil cap, shoes, electric foot, using experimental reflection before power is indeed no leakage after exposure to the human body.
(27), stop with the drag wire approach to moving household appliances; stop using drag way to pull the plug wires.
(28), the use of household appliances, the first plug in the non-charged side of the socket, they finally close the knife switch or plug in the live side of the socket; disabled household appliances, in contrast, first laid them out live side switch or unplug the live side socket, then pull out the non-charged side of the socket (if the demand pull it).
(29), cut the power wire needs critical condition, necessary electrical insulation clamp or tool with insulated handle.
(30), electric shock first-aid staff, from the first disconnect the power or the use of timber, insulated rod pick on the power cord, absolutely do not delay shock people with bare hands to avoid electric shock chain.
(31), household appliances, such appliances except refrigerators, but have pulled off is a loss of electric power special class of appliances, to avoid the formation of long-time fire fever.
(32), prohibited the use of bed switch. In addition to blankets, but not to live electrical equipment lead to bed, close to the sleeping body. Even the use of electric blankets, warm if there is no need to power all night, also suggested the use of fever off, to keep things safe.
(33), household appliances burning, smoke, fire, and must immediately disconnect the power, cut fails pouring water or foam spray.
(34), on the indoor wiring and the insulation of electrical equipment to reflect on time and found that damage to real-time wrapped with electrical tape.
(35), a long time before or during the dry season do not have to use from the new household appliances, with a 500V shake table to measure the insulation resistance shall not be less than 1MΩ, only that insulation is superior, the normal use. Without shaking table, at least use the experience often reflect on whether the leakage electric pen picture.
(36), often used for household appliances, should adhere to the dry and clean, do not use gasoline, alcohol, Fan majority of the water, decontamination powder with a conductive liquid erosion or wipe appliances appearance.
(37), household appliances, professional or damaged, please send to repair shop repair; non-state non-professionals in the electric home appliances under the open shell.

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